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I am Andrea Dilbeck, and am so incredibly excited to be back in the classroom! I truly believe that with determination and perseverance your child can do anything. This year, my hope is to help your child believe and trust in his/her ability to succeed.  


Before teaching 3rd grade I taught:

  • Reading Intervention (1 year at Hoover)
  • 4th grade (1 year at Jordan Elem. in Jordan, MN)
  • 5th grade (2 years at Hoover)

  • 1st grade (3 years at Hoover, 1 year at Washington)


Here are a few of my favorites:

  • my daughter Brea

  • my husband Bryan

  • my parents, and siblings

  • Nest Lake in Spicer, MN

  • being outdoors

  • music

  • gummy worms

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