Committed to working together equitably, so that each learner has the knowledge and skills to be a successful and contributing citizen in a diverse global society.




Welcome to Hoover PTA!

Be your kid's biggest fan. Be PTA.

The Hoover Parent-Teacher Association is a partnership between our dedicated parents, teachers, administration, and staff. We work as a team to enrich our children's education and school experiences and to unite our community. We do this through funding of programs like IXL and the Ecology Bus, field trips like the Minnesota Zoo, HistoryFest, and the Guthrie Theatre, and community events like the Hoover Open House, Book Fair, and Spring Carnival.

Your involvement, no matter how big or small, is welcome and is the key to making Hoover Elementary the best it can be!

The pages on this website are intended to help keep you and your family up to date with relevant school and community news and events. The menu bar to the left will navigate you to the various pages. Please take time to check out our monthly meetings and various volunteer opportunities!

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