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Make a Difference in a Student’s Life.... Volunteer Today and Support Education

Thank you for your interest in volunteering within Mankato Area Public Schools (MAPS). This Community Volunteer Program (CVP) is dedicated to building a community partnership to foster volunteer opportunities within MAPS to promote, support and strengthen the school district’s mission of assuring learning excellence for a changing world.               

Volunteers help extend the resources of our public school system by:

  1. Supporting and assisting teachers and staff.
  2. Decreasing student/adult ratio.
  3. Allowing teachers and staff to devote more of their energy to the professional skills they are trained to do.
  4. Exposing students to a wide variety of people who all come with unique and diverse experiences to share.

This all helps to increase overall academic achievement and self-esteem of the students. Volunteering enriches a person’s experience at MAPS and extends to their life as well. Please go to the Volunteer forms below and either fill out the online interest form or volunteer application. 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering within Mankato Area Public Schools. Volunteerism makes communities stronger! Working together with the teachers, we can help strengthen our district's educational system and opportunities for students, which are our future! CVP was started as an initiative of the Community Education Program to connect volunteers with opportunities in MAPS. The CVP office recruits, screens, trains, places, monitors and supports volunteers.